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Mobilise and secure your workforce with Hosted Desktop

Hosted desktop centralises your business desktops, applications and data in your own dedicated data centre server environment. Connect from anywhere to your desktops using any compatible smartphone, tablet laptop or workstation.

Work Anywhere

Hosted Desktop is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Centralise your data

Prevent data sprawl and lost/stolen data headaches by keeping your data centralised in a hosted desktop environment. When staff leave the office with their laptop they can access their work on a personalised remote hosted desktop.

Unlimited users and locations, one network.

With hosted desktop there is no need for expensive under utilised servers for each of your sites with complex data replication and backup routines. Hosted desktop offers seamless access from any location with a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Hosted desktop applications are always up date

The latest Microsoft operating systems applications are always available to you at no extra charge, centralised updates means all your staff are upgraded to the latest third party applications at the same time.

Reduce costs and simplify your IT budget

Hosted desktop means centralised server administration. There is less for your IT company or department to do, reducing administration overhead. Licensing and resources are allocated on per user billing making budgeting simpler.

Increase staff efficiency

Your business may see an increase in efficiency because hosted desktop gives your staff a common environment, regardless of which terminal is logged on to. This is also ideal for hot desking because as a user moves from one workstation to another their desktop will follow them, the change over is almost instant and completely seamless. The application they were working on will still be on the screen.